WWII Roundtable

Photos from Doolittles program on the 21st of Oct 2014 with Lt Col Dick Cole, Doolittles co-pilot..
Hamilton County Navy Club Ship 29
will once again host a Pearl Harbor
Remembrance Event - Saturday
6 December 2014 at 11:00a.m. -
Noblesville City Hall - )16 South
10th street)

Please pass this on to your membership: We'd
be proud to have them attend our event. City
Hall is one block East of the Old Court House here
in Noblesville>

Also, if you have any WW2 Pearl Harbor Survivors
tht may want to speak at the event please let me know.

We will have transportation for any one wanting to be a
guest Speaker.

Thank you for your help in advance,

Ron W, WW2 Barracks Member
Navy Club Ship # 29 Commander
317 379 1101
Dr. John Shively has a new website it's "www.johnshively.com" It looks great, I highly recommend you view it.
Roundtable Speaker
Bud Anderson
Roundtable Speaker
WWII Medal Of Honor
at Iwo Jima
Woody Williams
Information from John , Lafayette Indiana
Help us honor families of our fallen.
Hershel "Woody" Williams Medal of Honor Foundtaion

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Thanks to Sunny Carey, Kathryn Lerch and Kent Morgan for these great photos.
Check the dates of these events because they change weekly.
Events are NOT in order by date.
From: Navy Club Ship # 29
Subject : Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day
Saturday 6 December 2014

Noblesville City Hall ( 16 South 10th street )

This year our Guest Speaker will be Dr. John Shively
(WW2 Historian - Pacific Theater ) Johns Power
Point discussion: Pearl Harbor & what took place
the 1st 24 Hours of WW2 in the Pacific.

Indianapolis, In

ON LES AURA! ~1916, “Courage we shall get them”, Original French World War 1 poster (31? x 47?) designed by Jules Abel Faivre (1867-1945) for subscription to the 2nd national defense war fund. This image became one of the most famous propaganda poster images of the great war and was so popular that it was retitled and reused for the second world was by the US Army. Abel Faivre earned more individual fame by his deigns than any other French poster artist during the war and this image above all became the visual patriotic mascot for the French.

            Best regards,
            Bill B.
Paul, I looked at the website and, for the first time, noticed the image of the poster that says "We have just begun to fight" it is a direct borrowing of a French poster from a WW 1 poster.
The WWII Roundtable meeting will be on the 8th of Dec
K of C 71st and Keystone, they will be voting on changing the meeting date from Monday to a Tuesday.